Rebirth is the main function of the game that allows you to progress and become stronger.


Rebirthing becomes available after defeating Hyperion for the first time. Rebirthing allows your god to start over again, retaining the multipliers acquired from the previous run.

As your god trains and fights, rebirth multiplier increases. There are many ways of increasing the rebirth multiplier.

  • Achievements give a boost to your rebirth multipliers, the extent of which is calculated from your past rebirth multipliers, AACs completed, and other factors. The multipliers for each achievement are additive, e.g. 2 achievements both giving x10 have an effect of x20, rather than x100.
  • Defeating a god will multiply your god multi by 2 and increase the stat multi cap to the same level (this means you may lose on the stats multi benefit if it can't keep up with the god multi), for a total effect of x4 to your rebirth multipliers.
  • Monuments and upgrades together can increase rebirth multipliers by massive amounts.
  • Pets can increase your rebirth multipliers by a factor of 999% (~10x), with enough stats.
  • Pet multiplier campaigns can extend the above rebirth bonus even more.
  • Time is a major factor for determining you rebirth multis. Between 0 minutes and 1 hour, there is a linear scale dividing your potential rebirth multiplier, with 1 hour giving you 100% of your expect multis. On top of that, there are dividers to your rebirth multis of /2 when you are below 60, 30, 15, 12 10, 8 and 6 minutes of time on your run, and /3 when under 5, 4, 3 and 2 minutes of your run. After 1 hour, your rebirth multipliers increase by 1% every 30 minutes.

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