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A wiki for the "idle" game Idling to Rule the Gods made by Denny Stöhr aka Ryu82.
It is available on Steam, Kongregate, and Google Play

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Latest Patch

Version 2.18.761 (2017-09-28)

  • Added an 1M button for clones.
  • Added 100k and 1M button for afky god power.
  • Added Leaderboard for afky god exp multi.
  • Added a CAP Max button for worker clones on the divinity generator. It caps the maximum worker clones you need for the divinity boost.
  • You can now trade Baal Power for Pet Stones. This option is unlocked after you have unlocked might and at least 1 BP on the Gods Page. First 100 Pet Stones off every rebirth will cost 1 BP each and the cost increases by 1 for every 100 Pet Stones bought.
  • Added a GP purchase option for 5 CC at once for 250 GP, removed the option to buy 15% build and creation speed and added an option to buy 1000% for 285 GP.
  • Added a few more Steam Achievements for newer challenges. You are now allowed to get Steam achievements even if you get your save from other platforms as long as your total time (offline and online) is less than the time since the Steam release (currently about 480 days).
  • Fixed some bugs.
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