First of, I want to list this is a guideline, not a rule. If you are a strong speed-runner or rebirth less then once every week I will list the wrong number of Creation count for example. So if you think you know better what's good for you, you are probably right.

Often new players ask the question:  "What should I spend my gp on?" and I hope to answer that with this guideline.

Starting Spendings Edit

The first gp you get should be spent on CS ( creationspeed). Do this till you have 245 CS.

After that you should spend your gp on BS ( buildingspeed), do this till you have 300-400% BS. Now get 1 extra cc(creation count) ( this will raise your creationcount to 2 ). Get more BS till you have 770% BS. After that raise your CC to 5.

After this, if you dont have it already get improved next at, it is awesome.

The golden rule ( its more of a guideline anyway )  Edit

Now that we have our starting spendings the golden rule is basically this: For every 20k clones you get 1 CC and 175%BS.

Also worth noting is to: Try to keep a bank ( unspend gp that is )  of about 10% of total spend gp ( you can see total spend gp in statistics ) And try to keep creationspeed between 10% and 50% of your bs.

Dont buy Double stats multiplyer unless you are climbing and your statics multiplyer is lower then your godmultiplyer on the rebirth screen.