God Power
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God Power is the most important resource in the game. It serves as the currency used to buy a wide variety of permanent bonuses to improve your god.


You can gain God Power (GP) through a wide variety of means:

  • Killing Hyperion to Diana for the first time earns 1 GP.
  • Killing Izanagi, and every god after, earns 1 GP each rebirth.
  • Killing Ultimate Beings will earn GP on certain kills.
  • Ultimate Beings v2 earn you 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 GP each for a total of 150 GP for killing the entire set.
  • Building Black Holes gives you a 25% chance to earn 1 GP/hour per level, maxed at 100% at level 4.
  • Black Hole upgrades earn you 1 GP instantly for each level of upgrade, after rebirthing.
  • A fully upgraded God Crystal yields 2 GP/hour, passively
  • Lucky Draws can win you 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 GP.

What To Buy Edit

First, reach 245% creation speed. This will allow you to black bar shadow clone creation when you achieve the maximum amount of creation speed that the creating stat can give you. This happens at 56 duodecillion (5.6 E40) creating stat.

After this it is recommended you keep a ratio of 175% build speed to every 20,000 clones. Keep in mind you have a base 100% build speed that isn't included in the build speed on the GP screen. This means you must first buy 775% build speed (giving you 875% total) to match your initial 100k clones.

You will want 1 creation count per 20,000 to 40,000 clones. 1 CC creates 20,000 clones in 10 minutes, so this means it will take 10 to 20 minutes to max out your clones. This is very much a playstyle decision depending on how long your average rebirth is. If you ever start doing sub-1 hour speed runs, you will naturally want a higher CC ratio.

You will spend the vast majority of your GP on increasing those three stats (clone cap, build speed, and creation count) for the entire game.

Eventually, you will also want 3450% creation speed or more. This lets you black bar clones and early creations even with zero creating stat, which is useful in challenges that reset your rebirth multipliers, like the Double Rebirth Challenge. It also lets you create the high-end creations in a reasonable amount of time.

Of the limited buys, the autobuy discount is relatively cheap and should be picked up early. Improved Next At makes it much simpler to efficiently train all the way up to Might and is also worth buying early. Pet Half Stats can wait until your pets have high enough growth that it's worth training them. The alert button is just a UI convenience.

The Baal Slayer upgrades can wait until you're comfortable spending 439 GP to maximize them all at once. Depending on your skill and patience with the TBS minigames this will give you a 500-1000% damage increase.

Once you have spent a few thousand GP it becomes worthwhile to save up a few hundred to take advantage of the stat boosts for unspent GP. This can easily give you a 1000% or more increase to both offense and defense, and the bonus will keep growing as you accumulate crystal power.

Finally, you should buy statistics multiplier whenever you feel like you have the ability to push P. Baals past your current statistics multiplier. Each purchase allows your stat multi to keep up with the god multiplier for one more P. Baal.

All of these are guidelines and depending on your playstyle and current goals they may not be right for you, but they are a good baseline.

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