God Power
Copyright by Denny Stöhr © 2014

God Power is the most important resource in the game. It serves as the currency used to buy a wide variety of permanent powerups to improve your god.


You can gain God Power (GP) through a wide variety of means:

  • Killing Hyperion to Diana for the first time earns 1 GP.
  • Killing Izanagi, and every god after, earns 1 GP each rebirth.
  • Killing Ultimate Beings will earn GP on certain kills.
  • Ultimate Beings v2 earn you 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 GP each for a total of 150 GP for killing the entire set.
  • Building Black Holes gives you a 25% chance to earn 1 GP/hour per level, maxed at 100% at level 4.
  • Black Hole upgrades earn you 1 gp instantly for each level of upgrade, after rebirthing.
  • A fully upgraded God Crystal yields 2 GP/hour, passively
  • Lucky Draws can win you 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 GP.

Suggested first buys of using god power put you to 245% creation speed. This will allow you to blackbar creations (n creations per 30 ms at n creation count) when you achieve the maximum amount of bonus that your creating will give you. This happens at 56 duodecillion (=5.6 E40) creating stat.

After this it is recommended you keep a ratio of 85% build speed per every 10,000 clones. Keep in mind you have a natural 100% build speed. This equation comes to (Clone Count/10,000*85=Recommended Buildspeed-100)

Recommended count of creations is 1 for every 20,000. This will give you 10 minutes clones. Atlernatively 1 per 10,000 for max at 5 minutes or 1 per 40,000 for max at 20 minutes, depending on planned playstyle.

All of these are guidelines and depending on your playstyle and goals these things will change drastically, but they are a terrific baseline.

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