Creations are materials to be used to build various things in the game. Shadow Clones are automatically available at every rebirth; each successive Creation is unlocked by defeating a God, starting with Hyperion. These unlocks are reset at each rebirth and the Gods must be defeated again to make them available for creation.

Creations (including Shadow Clones) automatically generate Creating Power for you as you create them. The amount generated is impacted by your Creation Multiplier and the higher tier Creations generate more Creating power over time.

Creations ListEdit

Name Base Creation Time/s Requirements Divinity Cost Acquired From
Shadow Clone 1 Always
Shadow Clone can fight, train, and practice skills for you. You just have to create them.
Light 1 1250 Hyperion
Create a light to make the world brighter. You can't see without light. So it is quite a useful thing to create.
Stone 1 1250 Itztli
Stones are one of the most important things in the world! Without stones there wouldn't be any deserts, mountains, meteorites and a few other things.
Soil 2 1 x Stone 4050 Gaia
Soil or earth. Now it's getting important. That's one of the foundations of all life.
Air 4 2 x Light 8000 Shu
Not that important, if you want to suffocate. But you might not want that, so better create some air.
Water 5 3 x Air 28250 Suijin
Water is also kinda neat to have. Without it, no life would be possible.
Plant 7 2 x Soil, 2 x Water 77000 Gefion
Now you can create your first lifeform! Another foundation of other lives. They need to eat something.
Tree 10 5 x Soil, 3 x Water 122000 Hathor
You can't create that much air at once. Make your helper! (Not that they will produce air for 'you')
Fish 15 10 x Water, 5 x Plant 693800 Pontus
Your first meat! Now there is everything there to create sushi. But somehow fishes don't like it.
Animal 20 15 x Water, 9 x Plant, 3 x Fish 3.234 E+6 Diana
Create some animals to make it more lively. We don't want a boring world.
Human 30 100 x Water, 25 x Plant, 25 x Fish, 15 x Animal 70.671 E+6 Izanagi
Don't create too many of them, or they might destroy everything you have created till now.
River 60 5,000 x Water 141.366 E+6 Nephthys
Some space to transport all your created water seems like a good idea, right?
Mountain 120 200,000 x Stone 250.180 E+6 Cybele
You might need big stones for this. They are for... well create them anyway.
Forest 180 10,000 x Tree 1.220 E+9 Artemis
Even trees need some friends! So put some together, cause they can't walk by themselves.
Village 240 5,000 x Stone, 5,000 x Plant, 200 x Human, 1 x River, 1 x Forest 15.887 E+9 Eros
If you created a few too many humans, you might as well put them together.
Town 360 250,000 x Stone, 10,000 x Plant, 5,000 x Human, 1 x River 354.580E+9 Freya
If you create a town, you might have already created too many humans...
Ocean 600 30,000,000 x Water, 5,000,000 x Plant, 1,000,000 x Fish, 500 x River 1.996E+12 Poseidon
Your rivers are not enough to prevent a planet from drying out. Create something bigger like an ocean!
Nation 720 1,000,000 x Plant, 100,000 x Animal, 100 x River, 3 x Mountain, 10 x Forest, 15 x Town 5.746 E+12 Laima
Sooo... yep no humans needed, just some towns.
Continent 900 1 x Ocean, 5 x Nation 30.728 E+12 Athena
Your first continent! Now you can see what you have done with all your oceans.
Weather 1200 1.000E+9 x Air, 100.000E+6 x Water, 5 x Ocean, 1 x Continent 51.538 E+12 Susano o
Just make it random. So everyone has some fun with it.
Sky 1500 100.000E+6 x Light, 3.000E+9 x Air, 1 x Weather 75.633 E+12 Zeus
Thats a lot of air here already. Now you can see the sky!
Night 2100 2 x Sky 151.326 E+12 Nyx
A good way to get some sleep. You might need it already.
Moon 2400 150.000E+9 x Stone, 1 x Night 338.826 E+12 Luna
Now with the night, a moon sounds like a good idea. They will make a good combination.
Planet 3600 300.000E+9 x Stone, 1 x Moon 713.826 E+12 Jupiter
Just some biiig rock.
Earthlike planet 10,800 100.000E+9 x Air, 10.000E+9 x Soil, 25.000E+9 x Water, 5.000E+9 x Plant, 1 x Planet 2.645 E+15 Odin
Now you can put everything you have created on your big rock.
Sun 21,600 10.000E+12 x Light 12.500 E+15 Amaterasu
You just noticed your planet was kinda cold. A sun is to warm it all up a bit.
Solar system 43,200 100 x Planet, 1 x Earthlike Planet, 10 x Sun 199.028 E+15 Coatlicue
Just like trees, your planets also need some friends... maybe. So put them together.
Galaxy 86,400 5 x Solar System 995.141 E+15 Chronos
You were bored, right? Creating a little galaxy is a good way to waste some time.
Universe 432,000 5 x Galaxy 4.975 E+18 Tyrant Overlord Baal
Just a bit more and you finally finished the game! Or not...

Creation CountEdit

This is an upgrade purchasable for 50GP, that increases your Creation Count per completed Progressbar. Similar to creation speed this will become essential as you progress to reduce the time needed for the steadily increase creation cost of the Monuments or to create your Shadowclones in a timely fashion.

Note: Extra Creations still have a cost, but every consecutive creation cost 5% less (down to 50%)

The new cost are as following.


Count (CC)

Base cost

per Complete Bar



1 100% 100%
2 195% 97.5%
3 285% 95%
4 370% 92.5%
5 450% 90%
6 525% 87.5%
7 595% 85%
8 660% 82.5%
9 720% 80%
10 775% 77.5%
11 825% 75%
15 1025% 68.33%
20 1275% 63.75%
30 1775% 59.17%
50 2775% 55.5%

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