Afky god

Afky God is a mini-idlegame that can be accessed with the AFK button on the top right of the game. AFKy God has no direct influence on the main game, but can greatly increase the Statistic Multiplier (Higher Afky-Power and Afky-Clones Killed) if you can't keep up with your God Multiplier from defeated Gods.


You have 4 Attributes that you can level with gained Experience.

Name Description EXP cost scale
Firing Speed Decreases the interval between shots with a default interval of 4000ms (4sec). Every point reduces it by 1 ms with a cap of 3800, down to 200 ms (0.2sec or 5 shots/sec) +1 Exp per Level
Power This is basically the damage you do with one shot on the Clones. (Part of Statistic Multi) +1 Exp per Level
Clone HP Defines how much Health every single Clone should have. Level² * 100 / 3
Clone count Defines the amount of Clones you fight at once. Level² * 100
Experience Basically points you can spend on Leveling up the 4 Attributes.

Afky-God will start with an Experience bonus each rebirth calculated with this formula:
30 * Rebirths * afky-Exp-multiplier

The experience you gain per shot is calculated as following:
Exp = CloneHP1.1 * Clones Killed0.9 * Exp-Multiplier
As the formula above shows CloneHP is much more weighted in the calculation, while Clones Killed has a slightly less impact on the exp gained. Since CloneHP is also cheaper to buy than the equal amount of Clones, you should favor Clone HP over Clones in your purchase.

Clone HP > Clone Count Exp bonus per kill
Clone HP < Clone Count Exp malus per kill

Ideal Clone / HP distributionEdit

There is a misconception about the ideal distribution of Clone / HP to gain the maximum amount of Exp/Shot for the least Exp. spend. Its true that in the beginning (Clone Count < 100 and CloneHp <200) you could try to keep it ideal by having the level up costs of CloneCount and CloneHP equal, but with more Exp spend the value of CloneHP start to outweigh Clone Count.

This graph displays the ideal distribution to get the maximum amount of your Exp spend:Afky

Experience MultiEdit

Every 100k power gained on Afky God adds a 0.01 multiplier to exp gained for the next rebirth. The EXP multiplier persists through rebirths.


  • At the beginning you can ignore Firing Speed since its effect is minimal.
  • Once you have 100+ Power you can go for a 5:1 ratio Power:Firing Speed.
  • Once you have 40HP / 25-30Clones you can start focusing on Firing Speed.
  • Don't increase Clone Count if you can't kill all Clones per shot, since surviving Clones do not give any EXP.


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